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When i recite in the Holy Quran with Translation:

"A human being who save one life, in fact he save the whole humanity"

From that day, i started the welfare work. I faced many difficulties, problems & every kind of people's remarks in this path. If you are on the straight way and have fean of Allah in your heart, then study in detail that period of life of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) which was passed in Makkah and act upon his educations and more towards Allah's way real way of Allah is to serve the humanity. Let's come and stand together at the "ALLAH SUB SAY BARRA MUSSAWAR HAI" plate form & devote your lived for others. It's not necessary that you should work through out the Day & all night. Allah has awarded his people with his "Rehmatain". Anyone who can help through his wealth. He must be help others. Anybody who can give his time, he must be spent his time for the help of poor & needy persons to help out others is very dearest & pious work in the Allah's Home.

I have a small business by the Drace of Allah from which i provide the meericise for any unit who need every month. But now, it is not the work of a single man. It is all because of Allah's Rehmat that in every coming day a lot of people are gathering under the "Allah Sub Say Bara Mussawer Hai" Plate form. Many units are opening through out Pakistan daily and their expenses are not in thousands but in Lacs now. The main issue is not donations, the issue is to spend donations among deserving people with dignity & honestly. Only this thing arise your position in Allah's Home.

Free dispensary

Mussawar free dispensaries started their work with in different time period & forty five Medica Camps

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Ambulance service

We provide Ambulance Service all over the country.

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Welfare Hospital

We provide free medical treatment of general surgery & medicines to the poor patients.

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stitching School

We provide the opportunities for widows & orphan girls to learn stitching & embroidery

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