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In 1987, the first issue of Mussawer Int'l Lahore came out in front of others magazines of that time. After 252 issues Mussawer has made an incredible place in the hearts of readness. DDDD it is only by the Grace of Allah, who gives honour or Dishonour to people. Every editorial of Mussawer starts from "Bismillah" discussing on a topic and conclude it very positively. Quran & Sunnah is the main thing in the editorial. The colours of Real Mussawer which is Allah has completely emerge people in himself, who emerge in his colours, you can find every factor of peace & pious world.

The colour of Residence was not only in the air but also present in the practical work. After very hardworking, the earning money subtracting necessary business & Domestic Expenses He spent all the money in the path of Allah inspite all these things, what people are saying? or what friends are thinking? Allah has made him iron man with strong faith & desire to work for people for the sake of Allah. "Munir Ahmad Naulakha" is the name of welfare work & work for the people of Allah because work for the people of Allah makes home in heaven. LA ELAHA ELLELLAH-U- MUHAMMAD-ur-RASOOL ULLAH is the Kalma Tayyaba which gives evidence that Allah is one & Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. If you are on the right way with Faith on Allah & Muhammad (PBUH) then no fear can stop you, only that tear which come out with the fear of Allah makes you stronger. Sayings of Allah & his prophet (PBUH) are the straight way walking on which is our duty. A duty is a bebt which should be paid Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet of whole world & his educations are the light for the people all over the world. Islam is the religion of peace & Calm and the people of Allah live peacefully & calmly.

Editorial writing is an art & "Munir Ahmad Naulakha" is very fast in this art. The writing style of him is entirely different from others. The words which his pen writes are very beautiful & worthful, the meanings of his Editorial depends upon the teachings of Islam. He writes only truth, which sometime many people do not like but truth remain truth.

Mr. Naulakha is the man who is deeply involved with the affection of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He cannot stop his tears when the name of Muhammad (PBUH) comes on his tongue. Unity is the real life of Islam. Islam is the favourite religion of Allah and all muslim should be live united. A lover must be obey the order of his lord. According to Hazrat Bawa Jee Sarkar Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A) says: Unity of all muslims is the cry of time so listen this cry & please leave your disputes & get united for Islam. (Monthly Mussawer Int'l Lahore. Copy: 18 Issue: 12, April 2006, writer Syyed Muhammad Zameer Hafizabad, Page # 38).
Mussawer Free General Hospital Gojra is serving for everyone without any distinguish work. Mussawer Quran Academies, Mussawer Free Dispensaries & Mussawer Vocational School for women are working either poor, widow or orphan.

Honorable Munir Ahmed Naulakha is actually serving urdu language through his editorials. These editorials are evergreen. Naulakha is not present in these editorials because these are the editorials of Allah & Muhammad (PBUH). These editorials are like a University Syllabus Readers! one thing is to be noted that every person has his own opinion and he can express his views openly but these contradictions can not hide the reality. Different opinions came out infront of us but the true & real things remain standing in all situations because the educations of Allah & his Prophet always show the way of success.


Message of Rana Muhammad Akhtar Khan

First Mussawar free dispensary started from Gojra city in 1995. After that Mussawar free dispensary started in Sangla Hill. Then in Azad Kashmir, Mussawar free dispensary started. Also in Saraba Distt. Toba Take Singh Qila Balwant Singh, Distt. Hafiz Abad Mussawar free dispensary started.In Hafiz Abad city two Mussawar free dispensaries started side by side. In Sheikhupura five Mussawar free dispensaries started their work with in different time period & forty five Medica Camps inserted including Medical Camp in Distt. Jail Sheikhupura too.
In Pak Pattan City started Mussawar free dispensary.
In Havaily Lakha started Mussawar free dispensary.
In 46 G.B. Samundary started Mussawar free dispensary.
In village Jassar Distt. Narowal started Mussawar free dispensary.
In Kasur City started Mussawar free dispensary.
In Kot Radha Kishan Distt. Kasur started Mussawar free dispensary.
In villahe changranwala Distt. Jhang started Mussawar free dispensary.
In village Talvandi Bhindran Distt. Narowal started Mussawar free dispensary.
In Rawalpindi started Mussawar free dispensary.
In Mandi Warburton Distt. Sheikhupura started Mussawar free dispensary.
In village Watna Distt, Lahore started Mussawar free dispensary.
In Lahore City started Welfare works with five Mussawar free dispensaries.
Under the management of Mussawar Welfare Council Registered Punjab, Pakistan arrange to provide the opportunities for widows & orphan girls to learn stitching & embroidery, after that they can establish their financial status from this work. Established Mussawar free school for those poor students whose parents can not pay their school fee.
It is the very first priority of Mussawar Welfare Council to provide positive atmosphere for poor young guys, so they can not move to the bad society. It is our mission to arrange good matrimonial for orphan girls. In Gojra City started Mussawar free dispensary which is now converted in a Mussawar free general hospital and this hospital providing free medical facilities to the deserving patients.
Provide free medical treatment of general surgery & medicines to the poor patients.
In Gojra, inserted 85 Mussawar free Medical Camps.
In Sheikhupura, inserted 45 Mussawar free Medical Camps.
In Hafiz Abad, inserted 5 Mussawar free Medical Camps.


Your Zakat can make the light of anyone's eye, your donation can save anyone life. Mussawer Welfare Council (Redg.) Punjab Pakistan is spending your donations on deserving people with responsibility & honestly. Let's come and make a part of "Allah Sub Say Barra Mussawer Hai" plate form & serve the humanities. In the present scnerio, the Daily Expenses of Mussawer Welfare Council are now exceeded from thousands to Lacs Rupees. The numbers of Mussawer Free Dispensaries are increasing day to day. In these conditions donations are much necessary to serve the Welfare work. So Donners are requested, Let come and help the deserving & poor people step ahead & join us.